The Killing – The Murder At Shelter Home (Chapter 02)

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The killing Short Novel Chapter 02
The killing Short Novel Chapter 02

Holder was watching Tom & Jerry with his nephew Davie in the living room. His sister came to the room in a wheel chair. He helped her to get seated on sofa.

“Did you eat something?” she asked.

“Yep, I did… We both did,” Holder said that without taking his eyes from the TV.

After sitting there with them for 15 minutes, she noticed that Holder had been looking at his phone – kept on the table – every once in a while.

“How many times did you read that text? You have been looking at it like a cat looking at a dead rat since afternoon….”

Holder kept silence.

He didn’t say at first why he had come from work in the afternoon. Later he confessed that Linden texted him.

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The Killing – The Murder At The Shelter Home (Chapter 01)



I’m thankful to late Lauren Allison, who had requested me to write a blog post based on the show. Though I couldn’t write a blog post, I ended up writing this short novel, all thanks to her. Linden-Holder universe has so many stories to tell – I realized that when I was writing this novelette.

This story is set 6 months after the events of season 4. Having said that, I don’t know what is happening in season 4. All that we know that it’s going to be a murder mystery set in a military school. And we also know that Linden will be united with her mother. I have no idea whether Linden & Holder will survive season 4 since they promote this as the final season – I pray to god that Veena Sud won’t do that heinous crime to the fans! This story is written on the assumption that Holder & Linden survived season 4!

Please post your valuable opinions in the comment section as that will help me improve my writing.

Aravind Shivaraman


The Killing – The Murder At The Shelter Home




It was a lazy Tuesday afternoon at the station. Linden was bored to death, going through the pile of files lying before her. She was supposed to find a match in dental records she received from coroner’s office; that indeed was a daunting task. She has been searching for the file for more than 3 hours now, but with zero luck.

It’s time for a coffee.

She walked towards the coffee machine in the station kitchen. Station is almost quiet with zero buzz. It has been that way for more than few weeks now. They haven’t had a sensational case in a while. Except for the few obvious murder cases, station didn’t report any important case. She is on the verge of closing a murder case where husband killed wife. It was pretty much an easy case as all the evidences were against the husband and he has to give in finally – finding the dental record is the final nail in his coffin.

On the way to coffee machine, she was greeted by detective Jablonski.

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